EFP Subtable Formatting

The snippet below was produced by the SubTable Configurator in ExactForms Plus. All fields are supposed to be Trebuchet MS font, but the "Description" field prints as Times New Roman. How can I fix this? Thanks! 


~dbid=xxxxxxxxxx,qry={'115'.EX.[Related Phase]}AND{'72'.CT.'Professional Services'}AND{'131'.GT.'0'},slist=182.11,rpt=0,hdr=#FFFFFF,opts=sortorder-AA,align=c,ahdr=c,bdrc=#121111-#a5a5a5-#a5a5a5,bdrs=Single-Single-Single,astl=c,clist=LT11:150:Item:c|:10:Trebuchet MS.LT12:235:Description:c|:10:Trebuchet MS.R$131:75:Cost:|:10:Trebuchet MS~

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  • Are you creating the output as a word document or pdf?  If you are not creating as a doc can you do that and check to see if the font is correct when you open the generated word document in word?

    • Keith Jusas Thanks for the quick reply. I am creating a Word Doc. It is when I open in Word that I see the issue and correct it. The "Description" column follows the Word document Normal style template (i.e. If I change the font in the Normal style in Word, the column changes as well). 

  • I created a sample document myself using that font and it look fine to me.  The output document holds the font, it doesn't change it to times.
    See attached - The first 3 columns are Calibri and the last column if Trebuchet

    • Keith Jusas I don't think it is the font itself, either. Do you see anything in the configurator text that might make the parser miss the call?

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