Browser loads cached version EFP Document

I believe I'm having a browser cache problem.  When a document for the the same record is generated more than once the changes made between the generations do not appear until after the browser cache is cleared.  I believe there is a way to add a time_stamp to the file EFP Document name to make it unique to prevent this problem but can't locate the paramters.  Look forward to the solution!  :) 


"javascript:var wnd ='"
& "clientid=xxxxx"
& "&appid=" & AppID()
& "&tpid=2"
& "&fn=EFP Document"
& "&msid=" & URLEncode ([Record ID#])
& "&msdb=" & Dbid()
& "&faid=293&efpdte=294"
& "&docfmt=pdf"
& "&apptoken=bkqwhmm7fj7jhbjatgars6f2af"
& "','copy','top=240,left=320,width=500,height=350,location=no,menubar=no,toolbar=no');\n\nvar id=setInterval(function() {if (wnd.closed) {clearInterval(id);location.reload(true);}},1000);void(0);"

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  • Since QB made the changes a few months back to cache file attachment fields it is best to try to create a unique file name....

    so you can change the line in the url code

    & "&fn=EFP Document"


    & "&fn=" & URLEncode("EFP Document" & MSecond(ToTimeOfDay(Now())))

    I added the urlencode as well, always a good idea to encode strings in the url.

    and You can change the name from EFP Document to whatever makes sense for the document you are creating if you like.

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      Keith Jusas  Works great, thx so much!

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