EFP - JS/IOL deprecation and possible use of Pipeline to trigger form create?

I'm looking for a way to use EFP automagically. 

Currently we have an IOL set of scripts and sensors that detect when a purchase order is SAVED and it is fully approved and ready.  

These scripts CALL the EFP create PDF function so that users don't have to hit the "Create PDF" button just after the PO is fully approved.  (Oh, I know the stupidity of that but it was either implement something like that or the app would be rejected.) 

So now that I need to PULL the IOL functionality out, I'm thinking about how I could retain that functionality. 

Here's the IDEA - 

Use a PIPELINE to trigger a call to the URL for initiating the EFP process. 

I've just run into a roadblock in my engineering:  

--- Not sure how to formulate the JSON call to Juiced. 

--- Not even sure it would work. I'm assume a POST. But formatting the URL call in PIPELINE with the variables reflected in the string eludes me. 

---- JSON POSTl? No Auth, No Header, just URL and BODY? 

I'll hack at it and report back if i don't hear anything. 



Any ideas or comments on this?  Am I just way off ? Is this fruitless - like asking a rock to give milk? 

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  • Hi Joe,  sorry for late reply 

    With our new pricing roll out for 2021 you automatically get our EFP batch Processor which allows you to "trigger" a document to be created without having to click a button.  So you can take advantage of that functionality and not have to use pipelines or the IOL technique.

    The EFP batch Processor is executed via Quickbase email notifications so you can set the criteria for execution just like you do today for standard email notification's.

    More here: http://qbtools.helpdocsonline.com/exact-forms-plus-batch-processor


    • Keith Jusas  sweet.... I wasn't aware probably because all i did was approve the invoice and not do the reading!  I'll check this out. 

  • Update: Juiced Tech Support helped with the EFP Batch Processing implementation. It works great now, thanks! 

    • jvandervest thanks for the comment Joe.

      Always best to use our setup wizard from the Juiced Cloud for the EFP Batch processor this way the EFP Arguments field gets created with the proper parameters.  Then you just need to create the Quickbase email notification to fire the batch to run when you want it to.


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