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I have a EFP template set up to make use of a subtable in which I have multiple images captured. I am trying to make use of a formula rich text to display all images that are loaded but when the document is generated it only adds the first image.

I have tried different versions of the formula below which displays correct on the QuickBase form but not on the document. I have also tried <div> tag over both image links but still gives the same error.

Field ID 75 formula:

"<div><img src=\""&URLRoot()&"up/"& [_DBID_QUESTIONS]& "/a/r"& [Record ID#] &"/e43/v0\"></div>" &
"<div><img src=\""&URLRoot()&"up/"& [_DBID_QUESTIONS]& "/a/r"& [Record ID#] &"/e51/v0\"></div>"

Subtable setting value:

~dbid=brbvef2ur,qry={'42'.EX.[Record ID#]}AND{'40'.XEX.'true'}AND{'48'.XEX.''},slist=36.27,groupfid=36|:::#4a7ae2,opts=sortorder-AAA,align=c,,clist=LT3:100.LI75:600~

The above configuration works for records with one image loaded but when a second image is added it gives the following error: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

Note: I have looked at the 2 help pages below but cannot see a solution for the problem I am facing or I am just missing it :P

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  • Hi Carel,

    when including images in a subtable, if you use the "Image" type for the column EF+ can only display 1 image in that column for each subtable record, even if you have more than one referenced within the Formula Rich text field that you show in your example.

    If you try to use "HTML" as the type for the column you will get file not found or a 400 as you state and that is because when EF+ see HTML as the type it doesn't try to download the files from Quickbase, it expects files to be publicly available.

    So, the only way to do what you are trying to do is use "HTML" as the column type and then you MUST check off the following property for each file attachment field you are trying to use:

    Allow access to this file attachment from a Quickbase link without signing in

    This is not ideal but it should work however the file attachment fields are now public.  Please read up on this property before you decide to use it.

  • Hi Keith

    This option will not be viable as there are sensitive company documents loaded in some cases.

    Is it not possible to use the below method to list attachment fields when they are populated in the subtable settings?
    HINT: If you are using file attachment fields and not all of your records have a file in the file attachment field, the rendered document will still have ~i:23:100~ after Exact Forms Plus completes. To prevent this from occurring we suggest you create a separate formula text field and place the following code in the formula: If ([File]>"","~i:23:100~","") Then reference this new field in your template as ~24~ (assuming 24 is the field id of the new field you created.) 

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