Add conditional sections to EFP template

Is it possible to include conditional sections in an ExactForms Plus template? For example, my proposal template has a section for equipment sales and another section for services. Right now, if a job is service only I have to manually delete the empty Equipment section after creating the Word Doc. Can I add a line that would make the Equipment section not print if it is going to be empty? Something like this:

If EquipmentBudget >0 then

<Equipment Section Text>

End If




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  • We don't allow conditional logic in templates.  We try to keep all logic in Quick Base and none in the template itself.

    There are a few ways to handle this, here is one way:

     Create 2 templates, 1 with both sections and 1 with just the 1 section.  Then vary the tpid that is to be the formula code add a variable and then for the tpid line use that variable

    var text tptouse = If ([EquipmentBudget] >0,"1", "2");           //variable
    & "&tpid=" & $tptouse                                                                            //template to use


    Another way includes using a formula Rich Text field and building out the text you want in the template right in the formula code.  Use html tags etc

  • Got it, thanks. It works nicely. The only challenge is that we have 4 templates so now we have 8 to manage.... But that is doable.

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